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Stella Milner


My family originates from Grimethorpe. I have lived and worked here for 22 years running the local Post Office, which gives me day to day contact with the community. I realise the Local Authority is influenced by Government policy and cut-backs but I will endeavour to minimise the impact on our communities by being a voice for you.

I will work with the Police, School and Highways to find a solution to making the roads safer around Shafton ALC. We must improve the highways and make the routes to school safer for our children – a problem neglected by Labour when they agreed the planning permission and which remains unresolved.

Labour states that they will make older, vulnerable people their priority, yet local residents in the area that have moved to homes providing extra care have seen the ‘extra' being taken from them by Labours cut-backs.

The Labour Government has left us with an enormous budget deficit with no monetary provision put by for a rainy day.

If elected I promise that I will:

•  Work tirelessly with the Police on your behalf to make our communities safer by tackling anti- social behaviour, vandalism, drugs and crime.

•  Continue to fight to improve road safety in the North East Ward.

•  Work to improve and protect our Environment.

•  Strive to improve nurseries and schools to ensure that all children are given the best start in life.