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Help Us to Help You

We are always looking for people who would like to get involved. Enabling people to contribute is part of our ethos .
Should you feel that you wish to help us please do not hesitate. There are many ways to help some of which are listed below.

Community Contact  
Be a Candidate
Leaflet Dropping
Help us to help you. Keep us up to date on your area. Issues, complaints, improvements needed. Every little helps.   Being a Candidate is one of the best ways to improve your neighbourhood and help people.
Go on - get involved.

Just a few streets' leaflets a couple of times in April at elections would be a considerable help.

Posters demonstrate the depth of support in a neighbourhood. So at election time just put up one of our posters.

Just call us if you feel like helping. Anything you might want to do will always be valued.

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