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Barnsley Independents
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Barnsley Independent Group Candidates for Election
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Darfield Carmen Hancock Made up of Darfield, Little Houghton, Middlecliff, Billingley, Broomhill and Low Valley.
Darton East Sharron Love

Made up of Darton East of the railway, Mapplewell and Staincross

Dearne North Ian Garner

Made up of Thurnscoe and East Goldthorpe

Dearne South Sue Garner

Made up of most of Goldthorpe, Bolton-on-Dearne and a few streets in Barnburgh

Dodworth Phillip Birkinshawe Made up of Dodworth, Gilroyd, part of Higham, Broadway and part of Pogmoor.
Hoyland Milton Damion Krska Made up of Hoyland, Elsecar, Jump, Hemingfield, Platts Common and Blacker Hill.
Kingstone Geoff Bowden Made up of Kingstone, Worsbrough Common, Park Road, Agness Road and Town End.
Noth East Ward Stella Milner Shafton, Grimethorpe, Brierley and Gt. Houghton .
Old Town Clive Pickering Made up of Oldtown, Stocks Lane, part of Pogmoor, Wilthorpe, Cockerham, Honeywell, Smithies, Part of Monkbretton
Rockingham Steve Sylvestor Birdwell and Hoyland Common.
Stairfoot Fred Clowery Made up of Ardsley, Stairfoot, Kendray and Aldham.
Wombwell Trevor Smith

Made up of Wombwell and Brampton

Worsbrough Gill Carr Made up of Worsbrough Bridge, Ward Green, Worsbrough Dale, Bank End and Worsbrough Village.