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Gill Carr
Councillor for Worsbrough

14 De Lacy Drive
Worsbrough Bridge
S70 5PX.

01226 294235


Born into a family of six children (with 4 brothers and a sister) of Worsbrough families on both sides going back three generations. My maiden name was Findlow and my mothers name was Clarkson. Attended White Cross secondary  school 1954 to 1958.

Married Jack 1961. Two sons, three grandchildren and one great grand daughter. My working life has been at
N Corah. S R Gents and as a Housing Warden.

Took a active role in the Rowntree Community Cares project that identified that the priority  need for Worsbrough was support for families with children under 5 years old. This led to the Barnsley Healthy Living project. Following this we were successful  with big lottery Home Start bid. Obtaining £125 000 over three years to train volunteers so that they could support local families .

I am currently Vice chair of Home Start. Also I have been a governor of Ward Green school for 6 years and have just started another three years term. In addition I have served for a good number of years as a management member at the Worsbrough Sports & Development Club, known locally as the Welfare.  

As part of my Council responsibilities I serve on the Children's Scrutiny Commission, which looks into all aspects of children's services (i.e. children in care, education and youth provision). I am a member of the Planning board. I also attend the Berneslie Homes meetings regarding: Decent Homes programs, Regeneration projects and the estate walk abouts with  housing officers. In addition to all of the above I attend as many Community Safety meetings as possible.

If you assistance in any way: please call either my home number 01226 294235 or mobile 07971 076485