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Bill Gaunt
Councillor for Old Town Ward

29 Kensington Road
S75 2TU.
01226 214003



Having lived in Oldtown for 39 years (click to see where I live) and represented the Old Town Ward for the last 7 years. I know that I have made a considerable difference to our environment throughout the ward. In addition I have pursued a policy of robustly holding to account the council's ruling faction on Barnsley's economy, jobs and financial matters.

All of the individual areas that make up the ward are now cleaner and better looked after. The green spaces and parks are better tended. Litter and dog fouling problems are much improved. Children's playgrounds are now in good condition and no longer have a neglected feel about them. Streets and pavements are in far better repair than they were although the recent winter has left much needing to be done once again.

When dealing with departments of the Council I have found that persistence pays.

Residents Parking Zones
The introduction of long fought-for Residents Parking Zones around the hospital and in some parts of Honeywell has cured the inconsiderate parking that has plagued the lives of citizens. The lives of residents have immeasurably improved in those streets choosing to adopt parking zones. The new problem has become the resultant knock-on parking now blighting those streets where residents previously felt that they would not be affected.
Old Town Councillors are fighting to get the parking zones extended where people want them.

We have held surgeries every Friday evening in venues throughout the ward to enable people to raise their issues and complaints with us. Due to the lack of suitable venues in the Monk Bretton section of the ward, we have always had a walk-about every month. When the Council stopped advertising surgeries two years ago the numbers attending have dwindled. Many surgeries have few attendees and are really a waste of both venue fee and time. Worst of all people needing our help do not know how or where to find us. To improve matters, with the lighter nights, we are trying walk-abouts every Friday evening instead of a fixed venue surgery and wear high-visability jackets to attract your attention.
Do not hesitate to stop us and talk about any issues you feel strongly about