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Jack Carr
Councillor for Dodworth Ward

14 De Lacy Drive
Worsbrough Bridge
S70 5PX.

01226 294235


Elected to represent the Dodworth Ward in 2006 and again re-alected in 2010. I have also had the privilege of working in the voluntary sector in Dodworth for well over  30 years, and proud to say, I still do.

Born in Gilroyd with a first class  education at Keresforth Road School, Dodworth; worked at Dodworth Colliery up to closure; then as a Sub Postmaster at Verdon Street Post Office, Sheffield. Now retired.

Trustee of Dodworth Miners Welfare and also Fenton Community Partnership. I represent Dodworth Miners Welfare both on the Barnsley F.A, and County F.A.

I sit on the General/Statutory  Licensing Regulatory Board, Environment Scrutiny Commision and the Housing &Community Safety Scrutiny Commision. Three very important Areas of Council.

Since being elected as Dodworth Councillors we have accomplished numerous achievements. Childrens Play Areas throughout our Ward, Youth Shelters and Keep Fit equipment in a number of Parks. Funding for Equipment for many of our Sporting Organisations, Chapels, Churches, Schools and Library. We have also provided funding and support for our Brass Band and Male Voice Choir, both support our Community with great pride. In addition we have provided Benches, Bins, Dog Bins, Christmas Trees and  many more Items and Projects from our Community Support Fund. Any ideas for future projects are most welcome.

Community Safety and Housing Impact Meetings are held throughout the year and residents are welcome to attend.

Housing is a very big concern of mine and I work very closely with residents to make sure that they get the right representation with Bernislai Homes. Over the years I have had many successes in this very difficult area.

Our Roads, Streets and Pavements are in poor condition due to the bad Winter weather and I reflect residents' deep concern. This is brought out on our Walkabouts with Officers where promises are made but not performed. Without the Council support they are not completed.

To enable residents to raise issues of concern and obtain our help we hold Surgeries regularly every fortnight. These are highlited in the Barnsley Chronicle and you can always contact me on  Barnsley 294235 at any time.